Air Flow Containment

Welcome to IDC Solutions

IDC Solutions is an Australian owned company which specialises in ICT Migration. And it’s a process we’ve been proudly perfecting for over 35 years.

We take enormous pride in ensuring that, as a client, you are afforded absolute clarity, expediency, accountability and respect, from the moment your project hits our desk until every final detail of the handover is complete.

As a team, our capabilities are wide and varied, ensuring we can be just as relevant to a small to medium sized company as we are to a large multinational corporation or government department.

That’s because each individual project we take on is managed in the same manner, with each and every piece of equipment audited, labelled, de-staged, relocated and re-staged with absolute precision and no downtime for your business.

It may be an office move with 1 server and a dozen workstations. Perhaps it’s a bank of fully loaded racks containing 70 servers and switching equipment which is moving from one data centre to another.

Or, as was the recent case for Bigpond, the relocation of 40 racks and some 400 network devices.

Essentially, we are the ICT gurus. We offer everything from advice and planning, power monitoring systems, RFID asset management, fibre optics and telecommunications services and efficiency consulting services, while our product range is proven and painstakingly optimised (both technically and environmentally) for a diverse range of industries, including Data Centres, Cabling, Mining, Food, Industrial and Commercial enterprises.

What’s more, should your setup require a product that doesn’t exist, our research team will develop and implement it into the system, within a given time frame and budget.